Onslow poster auction

Some posters from the Onslows auction, I've grouped them into selections.

Selection I (colour)

Selection II (type)

Selection III (graphic design)

Selection IV (historical interest)


Sun and moon phases


Donald and Malcolm Cambell

Photo from the TC-Auction happening this October.Photo apparently taken at Daytona just before Cambell achieved the 272mph Land Speed Record in 1933.

Cambell snr looks pretty intense (or maybe he just didn't like photographers...)


Pinhole camera photography

30 second exposure, taken at Zoom-In which was open for the Lambeth Open Studios.

The image was taken at the top of the fire escape looking out towards Oval Church. Paper was in a square tin which is why the perspective does something wierd to the left and right.


flea market photos

This seems like a magic trick - one man disappearing behind another. I'm not sure if it's just (in)precise timing on the part of the taker, or if they're joking around (there were others with this man and his family that seemed quite playful.

This one I liked just for the sweeping composition

This one is another mystery - they're clearly foreign dignitaries visiting Toyota. But they appear to be dancing(?) It looks a bit like a masonic initiation, or perhaps a still from a horror film (the front man doesn't exactly look like he's happy about the situation, he looks especially anxious about what might come next...)



A pair of degauerrotypes that caught my eye - love the colour especially the blue of the upper one with the red velvet.

Lot No: 87

A collection of 11 daguerrotype portraits, 2 framed, the others mounted in contemporary morocco cases, a few hinges and cases broken, one plate cracked, various sizes, [c.1860-1880]

Estimate: £150 - 300 

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Car mascot

Kind of beats the Spirit of Ecstasy:

From Bonhams Sale 19280

Lot No: 167
A Jolly Roger motoring mascot by H. Beddoes & Co,
nickel-plated cast bronze, depicting skull & cross-bones motif, unusual calormeter-fitting integral mount, stamped makers name and patent marks, plating tarnished and age-worn condition, English, 1920s.

Estimate: £300 - 350, € 350 - 400 


Bridget Riley


School painting

This was a painting on the walls in a school in Ubud in Bali. I like the strangeness of the characters and especially the feral rabbits who are digging up bones (?) one of them even appears to have dirt dripping from her mouth...

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Monkey forest

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