Bonhams Sale 16777 - Antiquities, 29 Apr 2009

Some gems from trawling through the sale catalogue:

Lot No: 88*

A pair of large Egyptian basketry sandals
Late Period, after 600 B.C.
Composed of plaited papyrus reeds, open toed, with finely plaited high sides and a bound reed thong, the left sandal with a strap over the instep, 14¾in (37.5cm) long (2)

Estimate: £5,000 - 7,000


Lot No: 132
A South Italian red-figure owl skyphos
Circa 4th Century B.C.
Depicting an owl flanked by laurel sprigs on both sides, 27/8in (7.4cm) high, repaired

Estimate: £700 - 900


Lot No: 108
A Phoenician hollow glass head pendant
Circa 6th-4th Century B.C.
The pale blue rod-formed glass head with a yellow face, nose and mouth, the applied eyes of white, with blue centres and rims and pronounced blue eyebrows, with an integral ridged suspension loop above, 37mm high, restored

Estimate: £1,800 - 2,200


Lot No: 185
A large group of Syrian terracotta statuettes
Circa 1st Millennium B.C.
Including various bird-headed idols, some with pierced applied eyes, applied necklaces, cylindrical bodies and hands clasped to their chests, two seated on stools, one with hands clasped together, wearing a conical hat, 3in (7.7cm), the other with a striated beard and and pendant necklace, 33/8in (8.5cm) high; two quadrupeds with recessed eyes and upraised horns, 3¼in (8.4cm) long; some heads; and a flat-backed Astarte figure, standing naked with her hands cupping her breasts and moulded details of her pubic hair, necklace, long braided hair, facial details and himation pulled up over her head, with some red slip remaining, 5in (12.7cm) high, mounted; and some Not Ancient (a lot)

Estimate: £600 - 800

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