Bali packaging

A and I have just come back from a holiday in Bali.

A lot of the graphic design on the packaging of everyday goods was quite charming and exuberant. Here are a few things that I liked best:

Pudding rice, not sure what the link to cats is. Incidentally the cat on the right has blue eyes, which I don't think can occur in nature.

Package of nuts, the cardboard outer box is very nice, if quite poorly printed (the red has splattered into the logo). I like the tiny photo next to the logo.

Vanilla packaging (tiny)

 Mini pot of glue

Handsome floral gift, I like the colours (perhaps slightly more vivid in real life than the photo).

I like the economy of the packaging - any of five different types of biscuit can be within, all with different barcodes. Incidentally this makes it rather difficult for the cashier to scan it at the checkout - she tried to cover all the other barcodes with her fingers, but ended up having to type the number in manually. There's some sort of lesson there...

There were several pencils that were marked like this ("For Computer") not sure why / how this pencil is for computer...

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